RedBull Music Academy Presents Tribute to the Masters: AnaPop

Anatolian Pop revival… a long awaited get-together…

September 15th -16th -17th 2010: Workshops, Seminars, Documentary Screenings

Saturday September 18th, 2010: Concerts at garajistanbul

Influenced by global musical trends, Turkish pop and rock of the 60’s and 70’s, could be defined as a psychedelic outburst of multi-ethnic Anatolian culture… AnaPop sets out to get younger generations acquainted with this unique genre through a combined event of one-off concerts, workshops, seminars and documentary screenings. Get prepared for an encounter with the masterminds of this local but equally universal concoction.

AnaPop is our way of paying homage to the pioneers of that era and reintroducing society with an almost forgotten epoch. A full-length documentary and interdisciplinary book will subsequently support the AnaPop event featuring 4 days of concerts, performances, workshops and a range of exhibitions (including photographs, LP artworks and posters).

AnaPop provides a unique opportunity to see some of the most acclaimed performers of the period playing live whilst at the same time creating the right milieu to foster new music.

Through music, AnaPop intends to give society an opportunity to recall those definitive tunes of fraternity, unique to this geography, and reunite people with that suppressed call for peace. This long awaited get together not only hopes to contribute to a reconciliation between the past and present of Istanbul, connecting East and West, and of Anatolia, home to a myriad of cultures, but also emphasize uniqueness of plurality via art and music. In other words reminding people the possibility of coexistence regardless of our differences by bridging the gap between old and new, the remembered and forgotten…

Since 1998 Red Bull Music Academy provides young talents a plateau to meet the masters of the music industry and a chance to demonstrate their skills. AnaPop is the latest project supported by RBMA. AnaPop is not only a tribute to the masters of an era, its also a platform for young talents to meet these phenomenal bands on the same stage. AnaPop’s vision overlaps precisely with the spirit of Red Bull Music Academy. A get together for newcomers and masters.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event!